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Our Goal

Our goal is to unleash the potentials of young people for maximum living.

Our Story

The dream of every child is to become successful in a career of his/her choice. Making a career choi

Our Objective

To guide young people to identify courses for their edu

About Us

We are Act for Life, an education organisation that supports children and young people to make well-informed choices about their future careers and life prospect....


  1. Each year more than 400,000 Junior High School (JHS) Pupils in Ghana select courses for their Senior High School Education. The little to no career guidance and counselling at this level of education-...
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  2. Parent are children’s first teachers; their attitudes about education can inspire that of their children and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey. The demands of work and th...
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  3. Through our Career Ready Lab, we deliver bespoke seminars to enhance the employability of young people. We are open to partnering groups, schools, government agencies and development partners on this ...
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  4. Sometimes all we need to give our best or stay focused could be a little inspiration and mentoring from experienced and resourced individuals. Through the activity dubbed “Inspire”, we provide the...
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We can change everything together

When people gets together for a common goal, everything else can change. Join us and let’s bring magic to the community of children and young people in Ghana.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide support in education and personal development to enable children and young people aged 8-24 years in Ghana to make well-informed choices about their future careers and life prospect.


Our vision is of a community where children and young people aged 8-24 years can realize their full potential and move into secure, stable livelihoods for the long term.


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