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Our Mission

Our goal is to educate, inform, and empower children and young people in Ghana by providing innovative programs in academics, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a community where children and young people can realize their full potential and achieve success in their future careers and life

Who We Are

We are Act for Life, an education organization working with children and young people 8-29 years in Ghana...


  1. AfL Academics provide reading, after-school homework help and career guidance to pupils in primary to JHS. Our Academics program is delivered by both volunteer teachers and students, and we work in c...
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  2. Through our Career Ready Lab, we deliver bespoke trainings to enhance the employability of young people. We are open to partnering groups, schools, government agencies and development partners on this...
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  3. AfL developed the Junior Savers Program to fill the gap left in our education system on financial literacy. Junior Savers financial literacy lessons teach money management skills and promote sound mon...
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We can change everything together

When people gets together for a common goal, everything else can change. Join us and let’s bring magic to the community of children and young people in Ghana.

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